Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Be a free thinker

We, as people are in a crisis.  Over the past 3 decades in Canada the obesity rate has tripled. The standard of weight has gotten so out of control that people who are actually lean and healthy are often ridiculed and instantly called anorexic or "too skinny". 
I myself, for example, am overweight. I am not obese, but I am overweight. 
I am working every day towards reversing the damage my previous careless lifestyle has done to my body.
I used to walk to work everyday with my head down. 
The next time you are walking down the street I urge you to look around. Really look. How many people are a true picture of health?
How many people do you see looking sick, slow, fatigued, lining up for the largest coffee they can get just to make it through their mornings? How many are hungover, overweight, in a general negative mood?
How many ads do you see for meat, dairy and alcohol?
Now how many do you see for spinach? How about bananas?
What we are doing in society clearly isn't working. So why do people continue to live this way? Because it is the norm in society. 
People aren't questioning what we should be eating, but rather how to keep eating everything but become stick thin. This usually results in en endless merry-go-round of calorie restriction followed by eventual binge eating which results in more weight gain.
You should never have to restrict calories, but rather eat what our bodies were designed to take in and digest.

There is so much more to life than an existence of self loathing. You should not feel exhausted every day. You should be able to list every ingredient you put into your mouth. 

Furthermore there should be no ignorance in our actions.
The truth is that as much as you may enjoy eating a burger or cheese, you owe it to the thousands of animals that were tortured and unnecessarily to actually research what goes on behind closed doors. 
There's a reason not many people have seen documentaries about slaughterhouses... we are compassionate beings and to see these images is heart wrenching. Many people are comforted by food labels such as  "free range". But how many people actually research what that means?

If I ask anyone what the health benefits of meat and dairy are I will hear : protein and calcium.
It will be recited instantly.  But does anyone research beyond that? What about the detriments? What about the massive increase in cancer and heart disease?

I say these things because I'm here writing on my personal blog. I am not forcing anyone to read this page, I'm not in your kitchen stuffing my views in your face. But I hope you will take into consideration dear readers that you have the power to educate yourself. 
The way we've been going there is a trend. More fat, more meat, more dairy, more alcohol, more more more. However we're not making the connection that these choices are in direct relation with more obesity, more diabetes, more heart disease, more obese children, depletion of the environment and resources.

Be your own guide. Educate yourself even if it means seeing something you don't want to see, find your inner strength.
Eating whole fruits and vegetables will not cause you harm, will not cause harm to others, and will not be a detriment to the environment. 

They will make you thrive. You will be well, your body will heal, you will find positivity in your life.
We don't have to continue this theme of illness and gluttony.
Today is a new day, and you have the power to be a compassionate, healthy, and happy human being. 

Be a free thinker. Do not be afraid to go against the grain.

If you are interested in learning more about the meat and dairy industry please check out the following documentaries :

-Food Inc.
which can be found here :
-Forks over knives

Until next time be happy, be healthy, nourish your body and soul.

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