Tuesday, 2 September 2014

You're not over eating. You don't need will power!

How often have you heard or said " I ate way too much food... I was just so hungry! I wish I had better will power!"
Here's one way we've gotten way too mixed up in society. One common thing in the diet industry is that same old trend of counting your calories and eating less.
How many of those agonizing Special K commercials have you seen where they show the same overweight woman struggling with her conscience and having 5 or 6 illusions of herself saying " COME ON JUST EAT! MMMM CHOCOLATE" and eventually all of her sides agree that she can eat a Special K treat because it's ONLY 100 CALORIES!
And the world is good again!!! She got her chocolate treat and can stay on track of restricting calories and starving herself thinner!

What's wrong with this picture friends?
Why don't we ever stop and think "hmm.. maybe I just shouldn't be eating crap in the first place and instead of eating less crap... I should eat MORE of things that are good for me?"

This is why Rawtill4 is such a powerful lifestyle. There is nothing more liberating than knowing that I can get up every day of my life and eat until I'm completely full and there are no adverse side effects because I'm eating what my body was designed to eat.

All of these "diet" products are making the situation even worse. Someone with terrible eating habits can now purchase a few products that say "low fat" or "diet" and have the best intentions.. but sadly instead of saying " diet" or "low fat" it might as well say "Chemical shit storm".

What truly is a healthy option will grow straight out of the ground or off of a tree and have one ingredient.

Fad diets never work long term. ( Short term yes, long term no) and there is nothing wrong with you.
YOU are NOT a fat slob
YOU are NOT some glutton with no willpower
YOU ARE a fabulous and capable person who has been mislead by society into thinking that you need to eat less and survive on coffee and cigarettes to drop weight.

Eating in abundance is beautiful. I want you to have the power to wake up every day and love your life.  Fuel yourself with fresh fruits and you will not go wrong.
Fill up on fruit. Don't feel guilty if you want to eat a ton of potatoes at night. Just eliminate the oils, the salt, and the animal products.
You can and will be happy. You will not feel deprived.
Regardless of if you think this path is right for you remember that what is being recommended for the public isn't working. The food pyramid isn't working. (Clearly because it is designed to emphasize on food products that make the most money and not that which are most healthful)  . Calorie counting and restriction aren't working.
We need to fuel our bodies, not punish them.
There is nothing wrong with you. Make the choice that make you feel stronger and more healthy every day. Look at the long term results. Look at the founders of Rawtill4 :



Years into it.. healthy, fit, slim, with perfect blood test results..

Lets look at the founder of the Paleo diet.

He's not exactly a picture of health. "My diet ensures you become a lean, mean fitness machine" 
So what's his excuse?

Anyways.. I'm not trying to put anyone down but please look into the long term effects of these diets.
For now keep healthy, eat your fruits and veggies, love life and be kind to yourself, animals and the planet.


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