Tuesday, 8 July 2014

An honest introduction

A lot of people have suggested to me here and there that I make a blog based on my lifestyle and it's something I've considered for awhile. Recipes, tips, etc.
What I'd really like to do is share more than recipes and tips.
I'd like for this to be my tell all journey in hopes that maybe even just one of you is inspired enough to want to change the way you live.

Here are the cold hard facts.

This past year I've finally found health. The road to being a healthy and happy human being is one of the most challenging things in the world, and I'm not 100% there yet, but the change has been incredible.
Folks I've been on every end of the spectrum.  I'm 5'3 and I've weighed everywhere from 220lbs ( being completely unhealthy) to 115lbs ( also being completely unhealthy) and i'm currently today 145lbs. I never thought I'd openly share that on this blog, but here I am. I'm ready to be an open book in hopes of helping myself and helping others.

I wont get into my personal history in depth in this first post. What I'd like to get across in this first post is this is my JOURNEY. I do not have all of the answers, I still struggle, I'm not perfect, but goodness I've come a long way.

I encourage all of you who have or currently struggle with weight, health, addiction and/or depression to follow along with my blog, ask questions, and consider this lifestyle...which brings me to my next point.. for those of you who don't know me, what is this lifestyle? What changes have I made?

For years I tried every diet in the world. I'd spent about 10 years purchasing every gym membership, herbal magic, weight watchers,low carb, calorie counting, developing eating disorders, getting frustrated and binge eating until I made myself sick.. I've done it all folks. I came to one conclusion.
They never have, they never will. A diet is a temporary bandaid solution to a problem that never goes away.
Secondly I was trapped in a party girl cycle. Whatever I did, wherever I went there was always one thing I made sure to have : alcohol. I was proud of how much I could drink and spent years thinking drinking was the greatest thing in the world. I convinced myself there was never a connection between my drinking, my weight and my depression. Drinking was so much fun! Or so I told myself despite the horrible choices I made, and the fact that I cried every single day.

So what finally turned my life around? I spent about 8 months to a years researching health... and not convenient health. I researched things I didn't want to know the answer to because it would mean I had to change. The more I learned the more my problems made sense. I learned a lot about meat and dairy from both the cruelty side and the health side ( the links between meat and dairy and human health and cancer is horrifying.) I learned about getting back to basics. I learned how to start over and heal my body from nature and the earth.
Some documentaries if anyone is interested that I recommend are :

-Forks over knives
-Fat, Sick, and nearly dead
-Food matters

I also followed the lives of a lot of YouTubers and Instagram accounts of people who followed a Rawtill4 Vegan lifestyle and I noticed one common thing. These people all had long term results, happiness, pure health, lived cruelty free lives, and had everything I wanted in life.

Raw till 4 is a lifestyle. It's not some fad diet to drop 10 pounds. It consists of living a pure, vegan lifestyle, while eating raw foods only until 4pm every day in abundance. It's not eating one apple and calling it a day, it's not worrying about calories, it's eating as many high carb fruits during the day as you like and eating vegan cooked dinner after 4.

This lifestyle changed my life. After about a month I'd stopped suffering from depression, my urges for alcohol were fading away and my ENERGY was out of this world. I felt like I had the energy of a 5 year old and my body never felt so pure and happy.

I receive a lot of negativity living this lifestyle, mainly about being vegan, or about how the sugar from fruit will make me fat. ( I've had someone lecture me on how i'll get fat on the sugar from fruit and then comment on how much weight i've lost a week later.) Anyways i'll leave that for another blog.

This is my introduction and my journey to maintain this lifestyle and encourage others to do the same. Ask questions, voice concerns you are having in your own lifestyle. I am here for you.

Have topics you want me to cover? Shout it out.

Until the next,
Love yourself, Heal yourself, and Love the planet


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