Friday, 25 July 2014

Why am I binging?!?

We've all been there...
You're having a great week, You've gone to the gym 3 times since Monday, you've been very careful to strictly follow your diet all week and you were feeling light and proud of yourself and then *BOOM*! After your salad you feel like you need just a little something head to the fridge with good intentions... start with just a little nibble and then a full fledged binge ensues.
The next few days you'll blame yourself... feel like a piece of garbage and constantly ask yourself why you have no self control, and why you can't just let yourself lose 10 pounds and be happy...
What went wrong?
What always goes wrong?
Are you a pathetic idiot with no self control?

Diets Don't Work.

Every time this happens remember D.D.W

What really happened is your body isn't getting enough fruit.
The reason I live this lifestyle, and why so many people do is that our bodies need the fructose from fruit. It's not the sugar from fruit that makes you fat.
When we starve our bodies or restrict calories it can only last so long. Eventually we binge and our bodies send us immediately to those dense sugary carbs... only when we binge it's typically not fruit.. the immediate sources and easiest sources are the breads, the pizzas, the animal products... the quick fatty solution.

This is why we need to eat enough fruit during the day to be satiated and content.

In the Raw till 4/ banana girl lifestyle this is the typical food pyramid.

You're probably wondering why I'm saying "diets don't work!" and then posting a food pyramid of the banana girl diet.
This is not a temporary diet. This is not a diet in which you will participate for a week and drop weight. This is a lifelong commitment. Of course you don't have to be perfect you're entire life, but this is the guideline to being the healthiest you can be. There's no set time on weight loss, everyone is different, and you may even gain a few pounds in the very beginning but there are NO long term raw till 4, or fully raw, or fruitarians that are overweight or unhealthy.

(Tonight's dinner was amazing by the way! CTFU (Carb the fuck up!) )

This is my journey.  I'm no Freelee yet, I'm still overweight, I'm still learning and tweaking things and becoming accustomed to this lifestyle, but I'm in it for the long haul.
So I ask you friends to join me if you like, and if you don't wish to join me then I ask you to follow my adventure. Watch me find optimal health, watch me learn how to be the best person I can be and consider making changes in your own life style no matter how small to feel a little bit better each day.

Be kind, love yourself, love the planet, love all beings.

Raw Mermaid

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